Echoes of History and Charm:
Casina Le Conserve in the Spotlight

Where elegance meets tradition, in the beating heart of Cesenatico.

Casina Le Conserve received prestigious recognition from “The Guardian,” appearing in the article“20 of the best places to stay in Italy.”

Casina Le Conserve stands out in the Lonely Planet Emilia-Romagna Guide., Tucked away in a romantic private garden is Casina Le Conserve

Casina Le Conserve Screenshot 2024 02 12 alle 18.19.51 Press, Casina Le Conserve, charming B&B in Cesenatico A stone’s throw from the sea, Casina le Conserve B&B was born from a real dream, – “The Guardian” extols Cesenatico bed & breakfast:, One of the romantic and beautiful places is the Little Square of the Preserves